Dear Matarenda  partners, Global friends, family and friends.

I would like to thank you all for your  great support  for donations towards  Matarenda Training Centre. Those from our  “BibelKreis” , the Lutheran church, and the “Freie Evangelsche Gemeinde,”  old and new friends,  DED friends and  our Weltläden partner friends who donated in cash and kind towards the container transport.  I want to thank my  husband and our children Munya,Miriam and Linda for their involvement in Matarenda. My Kühl family  especially  Jacob Böttiger  (a young youth helping other poor youths)for the gross support  and friends who helped loading the container.  I have to mention by name Dr Stöfen who provided free storage space and organised a Forklift  for the  loading and not forgetting my  wonderful “ Mutti“ for the support and for  cooking good food whilst we were busy with the container business . Above all, for all this action to take place l owe it to Frau Runge who raised two thirds of the donations in her area. I also thank Klosterstube Loccum team  for  giving me the platform to present Matarenda project , which became the birth  of the training centre container. A more detailed update together with an acknowledgement   to those who have donated to Matarenda will follow soon.     I feel very humbled, loved and appreciated. Thank you so much for your kindness and support.

The container is now in Beira /Mozambique and  it will be in Mutare by  05-06-2016.  This dream  of the Training Centre, would not have been achieved without your support.  I would like to  write  a brief update about the  daily new developments on Matarenda.  Matarenda is now officially acknowledged in Germany as “Matarenda Global Friends” as a e.V. due to the complete commitment  of a former volunteer in Zimbabwe, Herr Gerschen  the chairman.  He is has taken the task of going to the relevant offices and organising all necessary documents.

On the Zimbabwean side,

          i.            We have already signed a lease contract for the training place with a charity organization called  Jairos Jiri. I would like to say  many thanks to Herr van Kisfeld from Gehrden for facilitating the route to negotiations with the  Jairos Jiri director. Without Herr van Kisfeld, it would be expensive to rent this ideal place for the Training Centre.

         ii.            Matarenda Training Centre has now been officially registered as a Trust, because the process of registering a Trust is easy and fast. We are now operating as “Matarenda Community Development Trust”.  The trust has 7 Board members whose duties are outlined in the Constitution.

       iii.            We have been to the Ministry of Womens` Affairs to register our existence as required  since we are operating  as  a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO).

       iv.            WE have been to the Ministry of Labour and Social Services to register as a PVO . The registration process just started yesterday, all Board members have to be cleared by the Police. This process will be done in Harare at the Police headquarters, therefore l will collect all the members finger print forms and go to Harare this week.

        v.            We have been to the Zimbabwe revenue Authority (ZIMRA) “Zoll” offices for the exemption of duty for the container. They may consider it duty free but they need the PVO certificate number. That is what we are working on right now.

The highlight of April was marked by  Frau Holze, a visitor from  Weltladen Loccum, where the most donations came from. She visited me  to see the Matarenda  project. We went to meet some groups of Artists who were happy to see her here. I was very humbled that at least someone was determined to give her time and commitment to see and support the Matarenda project. For those wishing to get a feedback from her, please conduct Dietmar Kühl on 04542 826 827 to get her details.

Again, I would like to express my gratefulness for being connected to people like you. Sometimes l feel weak to go on with this work as it is very demanding and I ask myself why do l have to take this heavy burden? But when l think of the people who will benefit from  the project and that l am not alone, but so many of you full of kindness, love and support l am encouraged to go on for the noble cause to stand up for the marginalised and voiceless.

  This project`s main objective is to be selfsustaining  without funding on the long run, but as of now l realise there is need for funding  some students are not in a position to pay fees for their training. People have become even poorer  and very desperate to  find ways of survival. Therefore, we have plans to go to the rural areas  for  group trainings at a later stage.  We have had a cash shortage since beginning of March and it is even worse now. Hunger situation has taken its toll on the records. Hence,  it is even more necessary to implement an income generating project to alleviate the poverty situation.

I  am begging  for your kindness to assist me in raising some funds on my behalf for Matarenda  Community Development Trust to kick start with operations.

Below is a list of items which need some funding for  2 months.                                                                       

Rent  for  2 months & deposit    

Registration City council & Industry  Training andTrade Testing    (Once off payment)  

Clearing Agent,  Dry port        

Lawyer, Transport  and offloading container Labour       

June allowance                                                                                                            





$ 600-

$ 500-

$ 600-



I would like to mention that Matarenda community Development Trust would be very happy to be assisted by volunteers who may have free time to their disposal from the youth to pensioners.

Kind regards.

Theresa-phylis Kühl.

Kontoverbindung für Spenden

Commerzbank Mölln

IBAN: DE04 2304 0022 0141 8623 00

Kontoinhaber: Theresa Kühl

Stichwort: Matarenda- Ausbidungszentrum

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